In old days, people used to get information or news in traditional ways such as television, radio, newspaper and books. They can only get the information from what had been published in the media. In today’s world, the advanced technology has brought a lot of convenient by getting news or information in a short time. For instance, The Star online are now available on Internet which allow us to go online and get the news whenever we want. The news are all updated from time to time.

However, according to Kim (2001), he stated that the Internet is now providing more problems for the government.  People now get to express their thought by using social networking or forum. For instance, Facebook are one of the social networking for people to post their thought and share with friends. This is where all the rumors and conflicts happened because people keep posting sensitive issues such as politic issues without any evidence. Thus, self-regulations should apply to everyone.  Self-regulations means that the industry of profession rather than government is doing the regulation (Alsagoff,Abdullah & Hassan, 2011). Self-regulation doesn’t just apply to media. Because of the Internet, anyone can publish anything online. Comparing with last time, self-regulation is only applied for media or industry people. Many people would think that freedom of speech is very important for a country. However, at the same time, they need to be self-regulate as well in order to prevent from war or conflicts happen in our country.

Other than that, according to Alsagoff, Abdullah & Hassan (2011), they stated that the government has controlled all key mainstream media. From the above statement, we can obviously see that the government is actually controlling the content that we see and hear. There are a lot of advertisements that are banned or being censored. It is because majority of the media is under the protection of government.

In my opinion, Malaysia’s media are being controlled by the government which makes a lot of foreign media content couldn’t advertise their product or send the messages to our country. Although with the advance technology which we can watch from online, but I think the government shouldn’t be too strict on banning all the foreign media content because we need to know what is happening outside our country as well. We are not only being a Malaysian, we also need to be a knowledgeable person as well.

Greenspan ExplainsReference

Alsagoff, Syed Agil; Abdullah, Zulhamri; Hassan, Md Salleh, 2011. ‘The growth and Development of the Malaysian media Lanscape in Shaping Media Regulation’. Global Media Journal-Malaysia Edition, Vol 1, Issues 1, pp 32-55.

Kim, WL 2001, ‘Media and democracy in Malaysia’, The Public, vol.8, no.2, pp67-88, accessed 3/4/2013, from

Lim, MK 2007, ‘The State of Media Control in Malaysia’, International Communication Association, accessed 3/4/2013, from


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