What you know about citizen journalism?  Citizen journalism is a range of web-based practices whereby ‘ordinary’ users engage in journalistic practices (Goode 2009). Where you usually get news from? I guess some of us will get news from social networking site and some will get news from newspaper. People nowadays usually in touch with advanced technology more than traditional technology. Therefore, people will choose to use advanced technology to get information. For example, people will choose to use iPad or iPhone to access to Internet and get the latest news anytime.

Nowadays we can get a lot of updated news in social networking site such as Facebook. People can just record the incident and post on Facebook anytime. Some people will prefer to read news from social networking site because it is more informal. It will brings the reader understand better and influence their emotion easily. Some believe that citizen journalists present a fresh and more exciting angle on a story, making the news more engaging and ‘less stuffy’ (Joannalogue 2011). Due to limited space for newspaper and online news, the professional news couldn’t cover everything so they only report on the main points. As for citizen journalist, they can cover everything without worry about the space. Comments and blog posts can broaden the news they cover and make the story more interactive. Sometimes I will prefer to read news from Facebook because it is more interesting than the newspaper. However, we wouldn’t know whether news reported by citizen journalism is based on their personal opinion or the truth.

Other than that, News from citizen journalism is much faster than news from traditional journalism. Osama Bin Laden’s death was posted on Twitter but not confirmed by CNN until 20 minutes later (McDonald 2012). People want to be updated so they will prefer to get news as faster as possible. For example, in Bersih 3.0, people keep updating the news in Twitter and Facebook so that others can get the news immediately although they are not in the rally. As for newspaper, the news will only publish on the next day which will make some readers rather get news from social networking site than newspaper.

‘News is a flow of information that depends on facts; opinion is a flow of information that depends on argument’

I feel that the quote above is meaningful because news usually cannot change once it publish to the public but opinion can be change or arguable because it is not set by anyone.


Quandt, T 2011, ‘Understanding a New Phenomenon: the Significance of Participatory Journalism’, Participatory Journalism in Online Newspapers: Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspaper, pp. 155-176

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McDonald, J 2012, ‘The was on was: citizen journalism vs. professional reporting’, accessed 18/4/2013, from http://www.upstart.net.au/2012/05/01/the-war-on-war-citizen-vs-professional-journalism/


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