Everyday when you going to college, you might see only few people are holding a lot of textbooks while others just walking to class with only their bags. It is because now everything is online. We do not need to bring dictionary to college anymore because we can go online to search with our smart phone. The rapid evolution of digital and networking technology helped us a lot on getting information.  ‘It is not surprising that colleges and universities should be greatly affected by the rapid advances in information technology – computers, telecommunications, networks’ (Duderstadt 1997). I agree with this statement because now we can get the information from journals or e-readings online.

‘Anyone of modest intelligence and ambition and make his or her thoughts available via the Internet to a global audience instantaneously and at virtually no cost’ (Miller 2010). Due to this reason, many people will prefer to search information online rather than buying books. Therefore, the price of some books increased due to the little number of books sold. However, some of the information on Internet is required to pay if you want to read or use their resources. For instance, some journals found online are only allowed you to read some part of it. You need to pay the amount of money only you can view the whole journals.

Unlike in my college, we are not to pay any cents to view the journal. We just need to log in to our account and we can get any journals that we want. Some students might think that every journal is free for everyone. However, it is actually paid by our college. This brings up a case on boycotting Elsevier. Elsevier is a founding publisher of global programs that provide free or low-cost access to science and health information in the developing world (Elsevier n.d.). However, according to Neylon 2012, the reasons that Elsevier being boycotted because of the prices of their journals are too high. In my opinion, since they stated they provide free or low-cost journals, but why the price are still so expensive? I guess in order to avoid all these kinds of issue happen, Elsevier should decrease the price of their journals so that people will think their price is reasonable. At the same time, Elsevier still get to earn what they want.



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