What do we mean by white bread media? White bread media means the portrayal of biases, racist and discrimination in the media. Well, there are quite a numbers of movies that portrayed the stereotyping of black skin people are usually a gangsters or robbers. Due to this reason, there are many people especially women will start to stereotype black skin people are thieves or gangsters. For instance, my mum will be very alert when she saw a black skin guy pass by beside her. It is not because of she is being racist but it is due to the portrayal of media which will affect her to behave in that way.


According to Dreher, ‘the depth and consistency of criticism of media performance in regard to multicultural Australia are important indicators of the significance of the media for our understandings and experiences of diversity and difference’. Media today always show the criticism to the public. It will affect the public to change their perception through media. One of the issue that happened in Melbourne where ‘ a group of Aboriginal actors have been repeatedly refused fare by taxi drivers in Southbank and racially abused on a St Kilda tram while making their way back to work’ (Cooker & Griffin 2013). There are even people yelled at them about they don’t exist in this country. In my opinion, it is very hurt when we heard someone yelled at us like that. Try to put yourself in their shoes and you can understand how they feel. Racism not only occurs in Australia, I think every country there are people who are being racist.

However, we couldn’t blame the media that lead us to be racist. It is because people used to get information from media. Indirectly, the media will somehow change people’s perception towards certain issues. Therefore, people are the one who need to control themselves in order to prevent from being brainwash by the media. Sometimes, we need to separate the information that we get from media with morality that we learned in school. It is because if we expose too much on the information from media, we will start to forget the morality and that is where we will become racist and hurting each other.

Well, no matter that person is in black skin, fair skin or yellow skin, they are still human being. They have feelings like what we do. Therefore, try not to get brainwashed by the media and think from the different perspective before you make a judgment.


Dreher, T (forthcoming 2014), White bread media, The Media and Communications in Australia eds. S Cunningham and S Turnbull, Allen and Unwin

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Jakubowicz A & Seneviratne K 1996, ‘Ethnic conflict and the Australian media’, Australian Centre for Indepent Journalism, accessed 16/5/2013, from



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