Have you ever seen any negative comments on social networking sites? Well, I guess there’s a lot out there. I’ve seen one in blogs where the anonymous commented on a famous bloggers and keep criticizing her. When I saw that post, I was so angry because why people want to look at something that they don’t like and commenting on it? It is her own blog and she can blog anything she want. Plus, blogging is one of her job for sure she needs to keep updating on her blogs. In my opinion, the bloggers should have limited some people to post only few posts in a blog so that they will not keep spamming in the blogs. Besides, they should also automatically delete off the comments once there vulgar words in the comments.

If we compare with 10 years ago, technology development not that success as compare today. People couldn’t express their idea or feelings to share with others. However in today’s world, everyone can get to voice out their feelings on Internet especially in social networking sites. According to Martin (2012), ‘as unregulated speech increased, the personal safety of staff and users became a concern’. I do agree with the statement above because once people keep commenting negatively on certain issue, it is hard to control them. It is because they think that they have the rights to say what’s on their mind. All the negative comments somehow might lead to political issues. Besides, conflicts or argument will happen if continue posting negative comments.

Although by reading all the negative comments will hurt a person’s feelings, but if think critically, it will somehow make a person improve. For instance, especially celebrity that just debut will usually receive a lot of negative comments on their performance. But, from the negative comments, it will motivate them to put more efforts on their performance until they success in their career. Same goes to everyone. If you received any negative comments from an anonymous, don’t be sad. Think in positive way will make you feel better and it will motivate you to try again until it success.

Other than that, in class, we have learned how to balance ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’ on Internet. In my opinion, when we are given the rights to post anything on social networking sites, we must be responsible on what we’ve posted. For instance, when we are given a chance to blog about anything that we want, we must make sure that no sensitive issues are being discussed in the blog to avoid from conflicts or fights. Same goes to commenting. When you are given chance to post comment, but please make sure there are no sensitive words or criticizes being used in the comments. It is because it might lead to something bad happen that you will never ever imagine when you are commenting.



Martin, F 2012, ‘Vox Populi, Vox Dei: ABC Online and the risks of dialogic interaction’, in Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the Web, editors, N. Brugger and M. Burns. New York: Peter Lang. pp. 177 – 192

Couldry, N 2009, ‘Rethinking the politics of voice’, Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, Vol.23, No.4, pp. 579 – 582


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