Bye Bye to BCM 310

At the first week of this semester, Miss Rohayu told us that one of our assignments is to do a blog post every week. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘AGAIN’?! It is because in my last semester we also need to do blog post as one of our assignment. Well, I thought I need to blog at the same topic with my last semester but actually it’s not. Although there are some similar topics but majority of the topics is quite new to me such as pinkwashing, University digital age, e-waste and a lot more. All these new topics motivate me to do research and blog about it.

The topics that are still in my mind were e-waste, which is the last topic that I blogged. It is a sad news to see people just throw away all the electric and electronic substance to countries that are still developing. This is the part where I couldn’t accept because previous I have never think of anything about e-waste. However, this assignment has gained my knowledge on what is happening all around the world. The second topic that I still remember was the pinkwashing. At first, I really thought pinkwashing is something about washing machine that is pink in color. I know it sound stupid but after I’ve blogged about only I realize that it really happened in everywhere. Now, think back to those pinkwashing campaigns that you know, have you ever realize that the purpose of the organization are actually trying to earn profit rather than doing to right thing? I didn’t know that they can be so cruel because they only focus on money than helping others.

The third topic that I’m still remembered was White Bread media. After I’ve learned about this topic, I didn’t know that it actually happened in all around the countries. Sometimes, the portrayal of the media will lead a person to be racist, discrimination or stereotype. It is because some people might think that the content from the media is correct. But not all are correct. Some might mislead the audience to behave in negative way. Well, I do stereotype on people but I will try my best not to stereotype on people anymore because this is really a bad attitude!

At the end of this post, I would like to thanks Miss Rohayu because she was the funniest and friendly lecturer. I thought this subject will be a boring subject but Miss Rohayu have make it become a fun subject. I also would like to thanks to my classmate who guide me on my assignment. Lastly, I would like to wish all my classmate good luck in their final exam. As for my friends who are in the last semester, good luck in finding your job and your future! Keep in touch and BYE BYE~!



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  1. CHIA AI LING… (i know you don’t like me calling you that..haha).. Irene.. all the best!!

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